Why you need an expert in private school web design.

The battle for private school prospects has moved off campus. Today you compete for page views, time on site, page rank and click-through rates. All while simultaneously appealing to a parent’s hopes and dreams for their children. To succeed, you need a company that specializes in custom web designs for private schools. Who understands digital marketing, but also the value of a campus visit. Guiding your prospects from awareness, to engagement, to contacting your admissions director.

You need Keybridge Web, the affordable private school website design company.

Custom Web designs for private schools, built by people who know your needs

We know that your school’s image and demographics are unique to you. You have an identity and an audience. Your website is your online brand.

But despite your unique brand, the best web designs for private schools have some things in common. After all, a school website is also an information hub, a communication channel connecting teachers, faculty, students and parents. Here are some of the awesome features we build into all of our private school websites:

Easily manage calendars, events, schedules and more

Can you name another industry with as many things to promote, list and update as a school? The WordPress CMS is a breeze to manage after the site is built. No need to rely on an outside vendor to update your copy or images. From game days to holidays to class schedules, you’ll have total control over your content. Even posting school closing and emergency information takes just a click of a button.

Automated registration and payment forms

We make it easy for your prospects to register once they fall in love with your school. And then we make it easy for them to pay online. Our websites come with the essential automation already built in. It’s the baseline for any private school, so why pay extra for it?

A tool for teachers to publish as well as chat with students and parents

Our fool-proof publishing features make it easy for teachers and faculty to post blogs and newsletters. Which then encourages teachers, students and staff to interact through dedicated portals.

Yes! A premium WordPress website, bells and whistles included: Just $9,500.

All of our websites are built on WordPress CMS platforms. And with hundreds under our belt, we’re experts in WordPress design and coding. We’re also expert at incorporating all the nitty-gritty must-haves that the best web designs for private schools need:

  • Photo and video galleries
  • Multi-lingual options
  • Social media integration (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Pages for extra-curricular activities
  • Sign up features for customized mailing lists
  • Calendars for school events, individual departments, and sports teams
  • Online forms for registration and payment
  • (# of days) onsite photo shoots
  • PayPal integration
  • Google Analytics and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Admin & style documentation
  • Hosting set-up
  • (# of days/hours) staff training
  • Custom design
  • Content management system permitting easy content editing and user management
  • Logo optimization for web
  • Browser, phone & tablet compatibility
  • Search box

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